Meet Joho Dad Jeffrey Rikhotso

Meet Joho Dad Jeffrey Rikhotso, known to man by his apt alias Jeff Loves Photography. Our first Joho Dad's feature of 2016. A quick and enlightening glimpse to the man now father who spends his life capturing others. We find out a litlle about how fatherhood has captured him.

Before ...
I always thought of fatherhood as something that was both scary and a privilege. My own parents were the benchmark especially my dad. If I were to be a father i thought, I knew I'd be a cool dad. I was raised with discipline, self belief and respect for other people. These qualities would later prepare me for the exciting task of raising my own offspring. It was terrifying at first, its not like these things come with a blueprint you know, but when you are ready you know it. I wanted to be the type of Dad that would be best friends with his kids. The type of Dad that would be there for them. That was always ringing in my head.

First Impressions ...
Let us start from the time the Doc handed my son to me... .
After he was delivered, that moment changed everything. My heart was beating so fast, there I was holding a carbon copy of myself in my hands. It was surreal and the happiest of times after having been so anxious for months. The next couple of weeks were relaxed but I just could not stop starring at him. We bonded and smiled at each other. I guess one can safely say I settled in on the big job pretty quickly, lol. 

Now ...

The craziest thing about being a Dad is that it is more a readiness thing, a mindset if you like. You realize that time is the one thing that your child needs from you. They could care less about toys and gadgets. If you are there, everything is okay with them and that's the balance that one tries to strike daily. 


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