I've always been an anxious person, constantly thinking & worrying. In the past my methods of dealing have varied from a glass of wine to a hard night out on the town. But since being diagnosed with Gastritis I've had to look for alternatives ways to destress and decompress. My doctor suggested meditation and as a New Years gift to me sat me down and shared his technique. I've since adopted meditation as a core part of my life. I usually sat down twice a day, often trying to get my meditations done before my son was up but there just came a point where I couldn't get up long enough before him to get through a sitting. It's as if Akani could feel me waking up. I'd hear him coming up the stairs only moments after I had sat down and he'd shoot off with a myriad of questions. The most common being, "Mommy what are you doing?" and the popular follow up, "Why?".

So one day I sat Akani down and talked him through what I was doing and why Mommy needed to sit in silence as often as possible.

Nandi: When you're feeling dirty you take a bath right?
Akani: Yes.
Nandi: When your teeth are dirty you brush your teeth?
Akani: Uh huh
Nandi: And you know when your sneakers are dirty and dusty you clean them too?
Akani: Yes
Nandi: And when your room is messy ... .

When I felt like I had made my point I said,

Nandi: Meditating helps keeps Mommys brain tidy and clean just like your room, your body and your teeth.
He thinks about it and then laughs. Barely contain his laughter he says

Akani: So you don't want a stinky brain? 

I laugh with him.

Nandi: No, mommy doesn't want a stinky brain.

We then sit down and I take him through his breathing exercises. Deep inhalations and while he holds his breath using my hands I count up to 5. He then pushes as much air out of his lungs which he seems to think is lots of fun. We do this 5 x times just to get him into a zone. Your mind is most likely to be more active when the breath is short. Deep breaths help you to focus and that focus is you pushing everything else aside sometimes just beyond yourself so that you literally feel like you are watching your thoughts play themselves out in front of you. When we are done breathing we sit until the meditation bell goes off. I use Zazen Lite's Mindfulness bell & timer.

The morning meditations we do together are short and have become more for him then for me. After putting him to bed I get to meditate in relative peace and for as long as I can. What started out as just my sitting down & trying to not let my anxieties get the best of me has become a far more spiritual exercise. I think this is because being and feeling at peace is spiritual and the pursuit of wanting more of that peace and also in other forms invariably becomes a spiritual journey.

A journey that I am utterly thrilled to be sharing with my son.


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  2. Interesting article.I'm happy that you have change the way of thinking about certain things.It's just all about your state of mind and psychology.stay healthy and blesses.Thanks for sharing




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