Before ..

Naturally I was scared. First level of fear was, will she be healthy? Is the birth going to go right etc. Second level was once she is born, will I be the father she needs, will I be the provider and protector that she needs. I ultimately had to hand all of my fears over to God. I decided to throw away all the books and just follow my heart when it comes to raising her and I think so far it has been going well. She laughs a lot so that’s a good sign right?

After …

She looks so much like me that it still freaks me out, lol. But the first year was awesome, watching her develop from this little person who just glares to new words every other week. Nothing can prepare you for the joy of hearing your own child trying to figure out what to call you. Raising a child is a miracle.

Now …

I dont think I have settled into yet, we are developing our relationship every day. There are moments where we are best friends and there are moments where I know she wants to kick my ass but I guess its a continual thing that just gets better and better each day. I love being her father. I love hanging out at the park with her. I love going out shopping for her. Being a 29 year old man shopping for a 2 year old girl is actually a lot of fun lol. I spend hours at the mall just buying EVERYTHING but yeah its great.

Parenting Advice

Don't get distracted by the world when you are with your child. Switch off your phone if possible. They don't understand what it means for you to be busy, they just want you. Every minute matters.  


  1. This is so awesome! Kutlwano you're a Superdad!! Thando is one blessed buttercup, God bless! :)

  2. Wow!!! Incredible!!! Kutlwano you never fail to amaze me. You were born for this, Neoentle is a bundle of joy because of what you do! Big ups!! Thanks Nandi...




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