I became very broody at the age of 27 and my partner and I had been together for many years so starting a family was a perfect plan.

We had two miscarriages before finally falling pregnant with my beautiful daughter Funeka who is now six going on seven (more like 12, she is so smart J). I had a smooth pregnancy with no morning sickness or any complications. The same Gynaecologist that helped deliver my younger sister 27 years ago did a stellar job during my pregnancy; I knew I was in good hands.

Everything was going well until the day of my delivery, it was 2008 August 6th when I woke up at 4am feeling weird and uneasy. I can’t exactly explain the feeling but I wasn’t in pain, I just started cooking up a storm at 4am which obviously alarmed my partner who quickly called my gynaecologist and was advised to take me to hospital immediately.

Because I was not in pain on our way to the hospital this gave us all the time in the world to come up with names for the baby. We were going to name our child Funeka(long  awaited), because of the two miscarriages we had before we felt the name was appropriate and had special meaning for us, which also didn’t make sense because Funeka is a Xhosa name and I’m Venda and her father is Zulu. 
I went into labour an hour after arriving at Garden City hospital and at this point I had some complications so the doctor decided on an emergency caesarean section.
Giving birth to my daughter had to be the most beautiful experience; I had my mother in the next room praying during delivery which made it even more special. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with a head full of hair at 10.30am.

My first time back home with the baby was very frustrating, I didn’t know what to do and the baby wouldn’t stop crying.  Only to find out she was heating up, but I was doing everything the nurse told me.  The nurse told me to keep the baby warm and covered, thank God my mum was with us and she knew exactly what to do.

My relationship with her father didn’t work out but we are both very active in her life, she stays with me but goes to her father every weekend. She absolutely adores her father and will tell anyone who cares to listens everything about her father. My daughter is also very humble and very colourful; you can almost tell when you meet her that both her parents are creative and social beings.  I am learning a lot about myself through my daughter, she is definitely a mini me.

Kheta and Funeka are dressed by 32 Clothing, no 81 Rissik Street JHB.


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