Happy Mothers Day!

This coming Sunday we celebrate mothers all over the country and shortly after that, JOHO MOM’s 2nd birthday! It only seems fair to look back on the journey, its highlights as well as take a peek into the future. Let’s begin shall we…

I started this journey with a single vision and that was to prove that motherhood is not a destination where young women go to die! Lol! Ok, it wasn’t the only reason but it genuinely was a part of it. I created Joho Moms because I wanted to bring motherhood into an inspiring, aspirational and relatable space. 

To see, learn and be moved by each other. I was moved by Jeanette Moseneke when she shared that her toddler not only spoke English, but her as well as his fathers mother tongues as well. 

When Tessa Made shared her and her husbands parenting routine, I imagined a household where both parents tried to even the scales as equally as possible.

Through each and everyone of the mothers featured on the blog I saw fragments of myself, my fears and my aspirations for my son. I also saw my ongoing struggle with the Self.

In my humble opinion motherhood is an additional role. It is not who you are but part of who you are. This blog is home to women who work full and part-time, women who run businesses, women who manage charities, women who manage households, woman with social lives, married women, single women, woman in and out of relationships. Women who also happen to be mothers. 

My Highlights

The reception has been surprising. You create something in isolation and only because you’re innately called to do so and when it's as welcomed as much as JOHO MOM's has been it is touching, supportive and most importantly affirmative. I guess it’s true, “When you do things from the soul other people really dig that sh*t. :) 

The Future

JOHO MOM's has a team! And with these new set of contributors I hope to continue to reinforce the aforementioned attributes and that we improve and expand the dialogue on the site. In the next chapter we get real and openly invite not just the positive spins of our journey’s but mothers that have survived divorces, custody battles, losses so that they may share their learnings and we continue to build and relate.

And on a lighter note, in my introductory post I talked a bit about good taste and style, how it extended itself into all aspects of my life and in particularly my and Akani’s wardrobes. I’m still a huge fan of mixing brands and retailers of varying price points which is why I was absolutely thrilled when off-price retailer, 32 Clothing gifted me and my May mothers with a shopping spree-anyana and as a result this months mothers and I are spotting some great finds from their Johannesburg store. 

In closing, thank you. Thank you to the mothers who have contributed to the success of the blog, the blogs' followers and readers and to the guys at 32 Clothing for the threads. I genuinely appreciate the contributions, the feedback and support.

For Sunday, to JOHO MOMS and mothers beyond, Happy Mothers Day!

From 32 Clothing:
Akani - Denim shorts and a white collared shirt 
Nandi - Coat 


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JOHO MOMS is about bringing motherhood into a relatable, inspiring and aspiring space. I wanted to create a space where mothers felt safe enough to share their respective challenges, their highlights as well as our parenting philosophies to fellow newbies. If you'd like to share your story please email johomoms@gmail.com - Our passions, spaces and children