Tell us about the day your sons were born.

Amaza and Culo were born a year apart. Amaza is the eldest born. He was born 26th September 2010 and Culo on the 3rd October 2011. Though my birth experiences for both boys was similar their personalities are far from it.

Amaza's personality is not too different from when I was pregnant with him, he used to move a lot especially when I was taking baths or listening to music. He has turned out to be a good swimmer and likes dancing and music. He is very charming and finds pleasure in meeting new people especially when we are traveling. He has an ability to charm people. I’ve even started making new friends because of him. I’ve also always enjoyed traveling with Amaza he has always been an easy child and co-operates during long flights. 

Culo is much more calmer and like his brother his personality mirrors my experience with him while I was pregnant. He has 2 extremes. On the one hand he is very funny, he dances, laughs and makes funny faces but when he is angry you would swear that it's not the same child. Culo is also a very loving boy but can be a little shy at times. Unlike his brother Culo takes longer to warm up to strangers. He is more of a "mamas boy" too. Culo is also more obedient than his brother; he listens more and follows instructions more willingly. I enjoy going out for long lunches with Culo just the 2 of us he doesn't cause much drama. 

Their personalities...

I went back to work when Culo was only 3 weeks old which made it difficult for me and him because I was still breast feeding. An opportunity to relocate to another country came so I stopped working and started to take care of the boys full time. Whilst working I use to spend quality time with the boys only on weekends as my job was demanding (advertising) so the time off has been great as I have not missed out on their growth. 

As a stay at home Mom I now have a different routine but it still requires a lot of work. I remember when I was working how I use to envy stay at home Moms but their lives are not that easy. However I must say I don’t see myself remaining as such. I am more driven in the working environment.

Work/life balance advice.

I try to balance my life by going to gym every morning after I have dropped off the kids. I have been blessed to have friends who have children so we often do play dates this helps us catch up and also allows the kids to socialize. 

Adjusting to motherhood has been …

Adjusting to motherhood has been amazing and I can't imagine my life without these boys. I have  honestly gotten accustomed to motherhood. I try not to let myself “go” just because I'm a mother now, I am still Zamo first then a mother and I don't want to put a burden on my kids and blame them for changing me. 

How have you and your partner split the parenting responsibilities?

My partner is a great father to the boys but he spends most of his time traveling with work and I'm more physically present at the moment. 

How would you describe your parenting style?

The one thing I value more as a parent is spirituality so when it comes to raising the boys we try to attend on Sundays so that they can be and remained spiritually grounded. I believe that as long as my kids know there is a God they will know that there is someone who is more powerful who is above all of us and that everything we have is a blessing and did not come by chance. Since we’ve been back in the country I try get the boys to speak as much vernacular as possible. Be it my own mother tongue or not. I would like to instill a sense of pride in their own language and culture so that when they interact with their global friends they do so as young African boys. 

What’s been the most surprising aspect of motherhood?

The fact that you have to learn to be strict and pull a serious face, lol! Honestly, I never knew that discipline was something you take on and grow with. It's not easy. 

How would you describe your home? 

Our home is a reflection of us, the places we have visited and lived in. It's a mixture of different cultures, African (Egyptian, Zanzibarian,Kenyan, Tanzanian, South African) there are elements or influences of the Asian culture, Filipino, Chinese also a huge Arab influence. We don't allow visitors to wear outside shoes in the house(we often give them indoor shoes or socks :). 

Your Parenting Philosophy? 

A child that is not brought up with love cannot be a great contribution to this world. 

What do you want most for your boys?  

I would like the boys to be proud of their cultural background at the same time to be respectful of others. We are raising global citizens that need to be open minded and not limited by what society tells them. 

Parenting advice.

My mother taught me that as a parent all you need to raise your children is love and hard work. The rest are just add on's. 

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