I remember when we were still talking about getting pregnant there was this overwhelming bubble of joy growing inside of me. I was so excited and I just couldn't wait to hold our baby in my arms! I kept wondering who s/he would look like, I imagined that she looked like me and had Dad's personality and maybe his smile. I've already gotten some of what I asked for, but we're still to see who's personality she has. She does seem a bit calmer than her Dad but it could be too soon to breath a sigh of relief just yet, hahaha!

When my journey began I felt many things... . I was nervous, excited, overwhelmed and in a state of constant disbelief. From "Was it really happening?" to "oh my gosh, it is really happening". Back and forth and forth and back until the truth sat with me, inside me... . I was really going to be someone's mother.

On the 4th February 2015, she came. Her Dad couldn't contain his excitement and was busy following us with his camera. Boy, how I wanted to throw it far, far away!  But my primary focus was to stay relaxed and take it all in. Despite the exhaustion I was present and I was ready and when she arrived she was welcomed with such joy. Everyone around me was so happy, my husband, our parents, our siblings and our friends. I got all the support I needed and it felt like God had truly answered our prayers.

Giving birth is a beautiful and exhausting experience and nothing could have prepared us for the first couple of weeks. They were challenging. All my confidence was broken down, my mind muddled by all the opinions I was getting from so many different people. What was meant to help us out ended up doing the latter as all the advice I got broke me down instead. Then came the breaking point, thats when Kabelo and I decided enough was enough, we would take matters into our own hands. We decided to follow our pediatrician's advise and trust our own instincts. This enabled us to get the peace of mind we were desperately craving and allowed us the opportunity to finally enjoy parenthood. Since then we've been enjoying it so much better, I've  learned so much about our precious baby girl and how to mind her. As a result I gained back a lot of my "motherly" confidence,  I'm still learning everyday about the beauty of motherhood and I'm loving every moment of it...even the sleepless nights, well sometimes ;)

God has truly answered us; "Oarabile"...she is gorgeous, she is sweet, she is loved, she is a child of God, she is our baby girl!! :)


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