Meet Tshwarelo Nokulunga Zulu

Tell us about the day your son was born.

It was Tuesday the 7th of October 2014 when we were blessed with our little angel Bonokuhle who's name means 'see what is beautiful'. I was 42 weeks pregnant and had to be induced, so my hubby & I were in hospital from the early evening and only in the early hours of the morning did I start to experience contractions which kept me walking up and down the aisle of the ward with the help of my hubby, of course. I would often doze off while walking and would need a gentle nudge to keep me up. Just after 7am Bonokuhle's finally arrived. I had initially planned on having a water birth but that unfortunately didn't materialise  As soon as I got to my bed it took just 3 pushes and tour precious gift arrived.

I had imagined that her Dad would be the one to cut her umbilical cord & that I would get a chance to hold my baby but she was distressed and had to be rushed to the NICU. I got the chance to hold her for just a few seconds before she was taken from me. The 2 weeks after were the toughest of my life as I had trouble recalling what my baby looked like. As a new mommy I wanted my baby home to nurture and bond with but that only came a fortnight after she was born. One of my first parenting lessons was that life is unpredictable and your plans can change in an instant. I am g
rateful for all the support we received from our family and friends and because of their prayers she survived and is now in perfect health! I would still say my induction into motherhood was the best because it taught me patience and how to be strong, not only for me but for my husband but for Bonokuhle as well.

Her personality...

She has the most beautiful & biggest of smiles. She's a very active baby who loves to play. Fortunately I am a stay-at-home mom and have all the time in the world to play with her. Bonokuhle loves bath time & her feistiness comes out when she grabs & holds on to her washing rag!

Work/life balance advice.

When we found out we were expecting, we decided that I'd stay at home with the baby and enjoy being present for her development stages.

Adjusting to motherhood has been …

Adjusting to motherhood has been wonderful! No words can describe the blessing of feeling this incredible love. How this little person just becomes the centre of your life! The natural instincts that come along with being a mom are also incredible. There are things that no institution can teach you. Being a mom has been the best job ever!

How have you and your partner split the parenting responsibilities?

I perform most of the duties to do with the baby however, my husband learnt all the basics such as feeding, bathing the baby, even changing the nappy! So whenever I need to hit the gym or catch up with some friends, I know he will be fine looking after Okuhle. Father and daughter get along very well and it looks like someone's going to be daddy's girl :) He loves her too bits.

How would you describe your parenting style?

I believe in giving kids guidance & instilling discipline whenever required and not being overbearing as a parent. 

How would you describe your partners parenting style?

My husband has disciplinarian potential but has a soft spot for his little girl, so we'll see how he manages that at a later stage!

Whats been the most surprising aspect of motherhood?

Because I helped raise my siblings' babies there were very few surprises but because this was my own baby it did feel different. The attachment I have with her & how in "tune" she is with my emotional state has been a game changer. When I feel emotional about something I feel like she can sense it because her mood changes. That bond came as a surprise to me.

How would you describe your home? 

Our home is very much a young couple's inner-city living space.  As our little one grows I would prefer a bit more space & a yard. Generally something more conducive for a toddler when she eventually gets there.  As much as we love living in the Maboneng Precinct we are going to have to find a home with a garden where she'll be able to run around and play freely.

What is your parenting philosophy?

Be the best person you can be & your child will see that and learn from you. So setting an example is far more important than writing her a list of do's & dont's. Setting an example also requires spending a lot of time together so she can pick up on those qualities. 

What do you want most for child?  

I want my daughter to be her true & authentic self. Understand & live up to "who" she is before God, without the pressure to conform.

Parenting advice..

The greatest advice I've received was from my sister-in-law. She told me to trust my instincts as a mother and that as long as I did that I would never go wrong. She explained that the connection and bond a mother has with their baby will automatically lead them to doing the best for their baby!

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  1. What an insightful article. Met the couple years ago, and watching from afar as they go through these various milestones is incredible. Cannot wait for my turn!




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