What was your first reaction when finding out?

When I first found out I was pregnant I felt a mixture of shock, disbelief, fear and excitement. This is despite though I wanted a baby for the longest time. My partner and I had already had the "what if we have a baby" conversation but it was a one day in the distant  future scenario. So after the shock subsided, we quickly became excited and we were both determined to make this work. This is when we realized how much love we already had for this unborn angel as well as the love and respect we had for each other.

How has your pregnancy been?

Pregnancy is an interesting journey. During the first month of my pregnancy I felt pretty normal, then came the second and third month and this is when the "ish" hit the fan. Morning sickness came, that constant feeling of wanting to vomit lived between my chest and stomach never fading. I soon discovered that morning sickness didn't necessarily happen during that time of day, it can linger on well into the evening until your body decides "ok, now it's time to through up." Call me impatient or what ever but I couldn't stand being like that the whole day, it prevented me from living a normal life. So at times, which I wouldn't advise, if it was extreme and unbearable, I would make myself vomit. I think I did it two or three time before I discovered Stoney, the ginger beer sent by the pregnancy Gods! It took the feeling away almost immediately and my partner made sure I was well stocked with 500ml bottles and 340 ml can's.

The best part of my pregnancy was showing off my baby bump and feeling my baby move. Yes at first it was alien like to feel something move in you but over time it became a feeling of reassurance letting me know that everything was fine. It kind of gives you an indication of your childs' sleeping habits, but that's just my theory, and when the movements become big enough, it's really awesome sharing that feeling with others.

How do you feel about the prospect of becoming a mother?

Wow, I have no words to describe it. At times I'm numb about it and it initially felt like life will go on as it had been in the past. The reality only settled in when I held my friends 3 month old girl, that's when I was like I'm going to be responsible for a little person who is going to be completely and utterly dependant on me in every way possible. That was scary, as I started to think what lessons I would teach her and what environment she'd be exposed to etc. When I bought her first item of clothing, I was overwhelmed with love and protection.

What advice would you give other expectant mothers?

Don't listen to every Tom, Dick and Harry and especially to people who have no kid's themselves. Everyone will want to put in their two cents but just keep in mind that every pregnancy is different.

What do you want most for your child?

Discipline and support in terms of my career choice. I really love what I do but wish I had been able to narrow it down earlier. If I'd known then what I know now, my attitude towards my studies would have been a hundred times better and disciplined. I believe that would have helped me make better life and career choices. This is something I definitely would like to impart on my child.

What have you decided to name your child? 

I'm having a baby girl and she'll be called Tamani. It means precious in Swahili.




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