Tell us about the day your son was born.

Ideally I would have loved to give natural birth, but unfortunately Oliver was breech. We tried various methods to get him to turn, but he was not interested! So, when my water broke at 37.5 weeks, the doctor ordered a c-section. Initially I was in quite a shock because it was a few weeks earlier than we anticipated.

But, we knew that God had a plan, so we were calm. He was delivered on 24 April 2013 at 2:30pm and everything was 100%. The c-section experience was tough and very uncomfortable for me, but seeing the joy and pride on my husband’s face made it all worth it! From a very young age Oliver has been a very content, social & friendly little guy. 

I love to sing to him. We often love to play music & dance together. The cutest is when he starts to wriggle his little body & dances along. 


Work/life balance advice.

Before Oliver was born I was a lifestyle (health & beauty) editor at a ladies glossy magazine. The pregnancy was really tough on my body, so towards the third trimester, I decided to stop working full-time. From the time that he was about eight months old, I focussed on freelance health & beauty writing & blogging (at again. The entire lifestyle industry is in line with everything that I love – which is creating & living a beautiful, balanced life. I absolutely love learning more about beauty, health, food & other lifestyle topics. It’s what energises me. Although the change from full-time to part time work has been challenging, I’m grateful that I can have the ‘best of both worlds’ – for now, at least.

Adjusting to motherhood has been …

Tougher I could have imagined. Things have been up-and-down. The first six months were fairly easy, but then the reality hit me & I realised how hard being a mom really is. There were so many changes that I had to adapt to: the responsibility of caring for someone 24/7, the major changes to my body & weight gain, adjusting to working part-time, hormones that were out of sync. It was only after one year, that I felt a bit closer to a ‘new normal’.

How have you and your partner split the parenting responsibilities?

Because I work part-time & from home, I will pick up many of the parenting responsibilities. But, my husband always tries to be home for bath and bed time, which Is a huge help! We often take morning walks as a family. Over weekends we try to work in some me-time (for each of us alone) and we also plan outings as a family & connect with friends or family.

How would you describe your parenting style?

Built on a firm foundation, but with a kind & loving approach. I would really love to equip Oliver to become a mature & loving grown-up.

How would you describe your partners parenting style?

Ernie has a wonderful relationship with his own dad which has set the example & inspired him to be a wonderful dad to Oliver. The two of them look very similar & (from what I can see at such a young age) there are many personality similarities too. They are totally in love! Like many dads, Ernie is the ‘rough’ parent who likes to play ‘baby wrestling’ on the bed or couch. Not always so good for my nerves!

How would you describe your home? 

It is a friendly & comfortable, yet stylish space. We love entertaining at home, so our door has & is always been open to friends & family. Although I love a beautiful, tidy home, it is important for us that people (& children) feel at home here. Even before we had Oliver, I always said that I don’t want to be ‘that aunty’ with the home that children had to sit quiet in & aren’t allowed to touch anything. 
We have been in this wonderful apartment for three years now. It is an old building, with spacious rooms & beautiful parquet flooring. Apartment living is so convenient - the location is also fantastic. It is close to various malls, restaurants & my husband’s work. However, we realise that a little boy needs outside space to run & play, so we will (sadly) not stay here for too much longer.

Your Parenting Philosophy? 

Don’t over think things. (At least, that’s what I’m trying to do! It is certainly easier said than done.) I just want to let Oliver be a kid for as long as possible. With too many rules & control in place about how kids should play & develop, I’m concerned that we might not let them develop in a care-free, healthy way.

What do you want most for Oliver?  

To have wisdom to make the right decisions in life so that he will always be true to his passions, values & that which he believes in.

Parenting advice.

The best advice: don’t listen to everyone’s advice. Sure, aunties & friends mean well, but too many different viewpoints can confuse you & make you doubt your instinct. Choose one friend, with children, that you trust; pick one book (I loved the “Baby Sense” one) & also one professional (a good nursing sister) as your go-to sources. Stick with what they say & follow your gut!

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