The blog was launched at the back of Mothers Day last year. I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to be but I thought if not now then when? So we went live with my story and the rest as they say is history. For 2014 going into 2015 I sincerely hope that the support the blog has received from moms and soon to be mommy's ;) continues to grow from strength to strength and that blog will continue to establish itself as an authentic home to all our stories.

I was recently asked what common thread if any did I notice with all the mothers featured on the blog. My response was that I found that a global and informal community of motherhood really does exist and that the love we have for our children is a universal experience. We exchange knowing looks despite the variation and the specifics of the experience. I don’t need to know you or your children to know what it means to love them. I understand the value of that relationship and what we are capable of doing and sacrificing for it and in that way we can and have become a source of strength and inspiration to and for each other. You sharing your story inspires and motivates another mother in our community. The words of thanks and motivations have predominately been centred around this. I am grateful to have been true to myself and created such a platform and I appreciate past and future mothers for getting on it. 

In celebration of the blog I'd like to share some child rearing tips I've picked up along the way as well as some advice from past JOHO MOMS.

1. Accept that motherhood is a journey and not a destination. Before your child came along there was just you or maybe it was you and your partner. There were only your needs to think of and only your whims and desires to cater to. You make a child and 9 months later here comes another individual whose needs, wants and desires need to be catered to as well. It doesn’t take 9 months to unlearn what came before. I constantly have to check myself when at the end of the day, week or month I haven’t spent as much time with my family as they deserve. I reevaluate and I readjust. I look at what’s been taking up my time and I make the necessary adjustments. Motherhood is a balancing act. It’s a fine line that we sometimes walk with ease, other times we have to take deep breaths and make a concerted effort not to miss a step and there are those times where you just topple over. Don’t sweat it, get up and back on that line. The thing about my love and commitment to my son is that I am ready and happy to do the work. Repeatedly as it has turned out to be.

2. Read to your child.  Reading out loud to your child is the single most important activity to ensuring their literacy. It stimulates language and cognitive skills. It is great bonding time and encourages the imagination and builds the memory.

3. Establish a routine with your child/ren. For working mothers this will also help you draw a line at work. Establishing a routine is not only good for your child/ren it also helps you, the working parent draw a line for yourselves. If tucking your child in is a priority and a ritual in your household, you’ll be less inclined to stay longer at the office especially in instances when you can easily pick up on the respective task after you’ve put your child/ren to bed.

"Listen to yourself you will know what to do" Violet Mailia

"We tend to exaggerate what it actually takes to raise a child ... Keep it simple and be practical." Botshelo Motuba

"Do you! And it takes a village to raise a child." Jeanette Moseneke

"Children want happy parents." Mathahle Stofile

"... just smile and nod when receiving advice and then do whatever it is that works for (you) and our kids." Rolien Gouws

"Do what you think is right." Jeanine Desatnik

"... even the trust of a parent needs to be earned." Kallibree Neale

"Love your child and tell them so as often as you can." Yonda Siwisa 

"... there is no one way to parent." Becca Kemp Pogir

"You're not superwoman, its ok to ask for help when you need it." Ziyanda Nyanda

"You can't resign, you can't be fired, you can't take a sabbatical, you can't return to sender and even with all of this preparation means fuck all, so ride it with its ups and downs and know its all going to be alright"  Shruthi Nair

"You raise your kids for the world, not for you to keep for your own pleasure." Yolisa Pasipanodya

Make sure to check the blog out again next week for another peek into the life of yet another JOHO MOMS.

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