Tell us about the day your son was born.

My son Botshelo was born 21 August 2011 at 11:20am. A full week post his due date :-) 

It was a glorious day and after 11 hours of labour and the emergency C-section later my long awaited miracle was finally on my chest and was crying for our first meet-n-greet. We had planned for a soothing water birth and my birth plan included a champagne toast for the birthing team. Dad and I even booked a make-up artist for the after-birth photo shoot because I didn't want that disheveled look I saw some of my friends sporting. I soon learned that there was something bigger than us at play. When my baby went into distress sticking to the birth plan was no longer priority all I wanted was a healthy baby.

His personality…

Oh what an amazing spirit. Botshelo is a very independent child. Always keen to learn and is extremely fearless. This is sometimes slightly concerning for me. There was this one time I sat crying in the corner while Botshelo wanted to grab a lizard’s tail. Botshelo has a great memory and speaks three languages (Sesotho, Setswana & recently English). He is also very observant. He knows all our friends cars and likes to spot similar cars on the road all the time. I think he’s a pretty cool guy and I would definitely hang out with him even if he weren’t my son :-)
We have swimming lessons every Tuesday afternoon, something that he and I get to enjoy together and we have been taking the classes since he was 6 months old. Saturday mornings are his quality time with his Dad as it's soccer time for the 2 boys at Little Kickers.

Work/life balance advice.

I took extended maternity leave when my son was born. In hindsight this was the best decision we could have taken. This way one of us was there to capture all the milestones that the other would have happened to miss. It was well worth it too because I still have everything on camera! I think good time management is vital when raising a family, which is why we are strict on family activities, alone time & family events.  We have a schedule for most activities and our goal, as a family is to build as many memories together while we can. With Botshelo being as independent as he is I know we don't have that many more years. At some point we are going to stop being 'cool' in his eyes and he’ll start to chart his own path in life.

Adjusting to motherhood has been …

Daunting but rewarding at the same time.  I've gotten the opportunity to understand myself differently. I found out certain truths about myself and vowed to share the 'good, the bad and ugly' of the journey I have travelled. I never dreamt about a wedding, my own family, children and the white picket fence.  I considered myself to be such an individual and I just couldn't imagine sharing that much of myself with anyone. But when I got married I understood the change. It was a change that I was well on the way to embracing by the time my son came into our lives. By the time he arrived I was open to love in abundance. Much more than I thought I ever would.

Whats been the most surprising aspect of motherhood? 

My ability to not want to control everything.  I had to learn how to surrender & also find power in vulnerability. I have become a more patient person, a better listener and an even better communicator. I did not expect to love as much as I do. I didn't expect my eyes to light up every time I see my son and I did not expect to play & be as silly like I am right now.

How would you describe your home? 

Homely and functional. Our garden is a toddler's dream. It has a trampoline, a Wendy house, a jungle gym and swings. Our choice of home was based on our son's needs. We needed to be close to amenities like a hospital and schools.
We call it our phase one home because it has everything we need for now and is extremely practical.  Phase two will be one of those Top Billing houses :-). Right now I don't own expensive decorative pieces because I want my son to enjoy the home as much as we do and not feel like there are no-go-zones.

Your Parenting Philosophy? 

What you put in will be what you get out! 

There is nothing more pleasing to me than seeing my son act out what has been taught to him. Little things like greeting everyone and basic good manners. Saying 'please', 'thank you' and 'I'm sorry'.  There is no use of profanity in our home at all. We don't watch programs that are not within his understanding regardless of how 'harmless' they may seem. Everyone gets listened to because we believe we all have something important to say. We believe that this will build on some difficult conversations we may need to have later in those challenging teenage years.  Good communication in the foundation stages makes for a strong bond.

What do you want most for son?  

For him to not take up dangerous sport like cage-fighting, rugby, extreme sky diving hahahaha! Heaven help me :-)
I want him to live his truth!  I want him to have contentment in his life and be a thought leader in whatever vocation he might embark on.  I want him to teach me more things about myself. 

Parenting advice.

Do you! And it takes a village to raise a child.
I have been doing things my way from day one, I was ruled by my maternal instincts. 
There was some initial conflict with my own mother & grand mother. There’s the whole 'Old school' meets 'New school' and "we've raised children before you and this is what we did because it worked' arguments. I complied with some but was in disagreement with most and now I have a whole different story from theirs.

Despite some conflicting view points on raising my child I needed my little 'village' and just as my tradition would have it I went to my parents home directly from the hospital and it was great to have four extra pair of hands to hold my bundle of joy so that I could rest, have a bath or just a few moments with my husband. We spent six weeks over there and leaving was hard especially with the realization that we were going to be on our own as two first-timers.  To our surprise my sister left her volunteering job and decided to come with us to help out, she has been a super aunt and is Botshelo's favourite person.  When Mamane is present its as though he doesn't have parents :-)

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  1. what an amazing MOMMY and Son story!! truly worth sharing. an inspiration to new moms and moms-to-be!!
    Bigupz to you and Bothshelo

  2. I am crazy heart-warmed and proud to testify that this is an honest reflection of how I have seen my sister and her husband live and raise this dynamic young person.

    Love you sis and nephew, from the very proud Mamane (Botshelo's aunty)

  3. This is an awesome platform to share experiences as mothers. Stories of every day unsung
    (S)HEROS can now be told and will live on. Thanx Nandi, job well done

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