Meet Violet Maila

Tell us about the day your daughter was born. 

I'm an avid believer of the cosmic ordering system. The day Samora was born was exactly as I had placed my order. Serene, intimate perfect. I am that girl who had the '' near perfect'' pregnancy and birth. Thank you universe. 

I spent the bulk of my day (labouring) at home with my  husband doing our daily routines, Skyping with my global sistahood just being and living the moment.
I was expecting the worst pain of my life, it was, but I dealt with it because I was anticipating HELL. I went into Genesis, at 3am, 5am ninjababy was born. It made all the sense in the world to be at home for the most part of my labour I was comfortable and unreserved, with my partner enjoying it laughing about it loving about it. It was cool. She is my SamuraiNinjaLoveChild, and she so lives up to it. She is beautiful, she makes me laugh and she is so ON it! So determined and persistent.

I love the love she and her father share. 
We spend a lot of our time together just being and I look forward to more times.

What is your work life balance? 

Whatever that means :)  When I had Samora I decided that she is what I'm doing on a full time basis for the year. that really means that i made the decision to be with her all the time and miss nothing. 
She came at a time of change or more reflection in my career, having just come back from living and working for a music festival in East Africa,  she gave me the chance to breathe and stop so to speak. As much as I would love to be a stay-at-home-mom, city living demands it to be otherwise, so I work on a part time basis as a Content Producer for a Couture Content Creating agency. I have a love hate relationship with the digital space, so I had to get in there and learn, and familiarise. ''Know thy enemy''  :). 
This gives me precious time to watch her do her thing and grow, and it also gives me the opportunity to influence her being, in a bigger and more direct way.

Adjusting to motherhood has been … 

Natural order. It just happened. Nature did its thing it was obviously weird and sometimes scary, I would have been worried if it wasn't, but I got my head around it and got my bearings.
Breastfeeding was a weird one for me. I did not expect it to take time. I thought baby would kind of just know (which she did) and I would just know , which I did not. 
Everyday you learn I know that sounds like a cliché, but it's so true. I have learned so many things, like being organised and prepared. I have learnt love on a whole new level.I have learnt to respect my body and nature, because nature is so much bigger than I will ever be.

It had to be done, I had to adjust.

Whats been the most surprising aspect of motherhood? 

Enlightenment is the word that comes to mind. 
The way that everything else comes second, and how ok I am with that has surprised me. I did not think surviving on 3 hours sleep was a possibility- it is. I am a lot more relaxed, motherhood has already taught me not to fret the small stuff. There is more to life than the small stuff. Watching her experience new things and fascinations is such lessons for me.

How would you describe your home? 

My home is so my sanctuary (our sanctuary). I have lived in different places on the continent, and the four walls I live in really matter. Organised chaos is how I would describe it. For now my homes are temporary, a pit-stop in this bigger picture. My family moves we are a bit nomadic, so our living spaces are very relaxed, non fussy. We like to surround ourselves with the things that matter. We are blessed with a circle of very creative friends, and having a piece of them in our home is a luxury. We give Samora access. Everything sits on the floor, our books, our bed. It's all touching base with the ground. Something important to us. It's a bit of a mish -mash in terms of a style guide, but it's comfortable. 
Procrastination is a bit of an issue for me, for example turning my bedroom into an adult and baby space has taken me 9 months, I'm still at it. But like I said, don't fret the small stuff :)

What is your parenting philosophy? 

Parenting philosophy, wow. Well I just want to raise a happy loving human being. I want to raise the kind of girl child who does what she loves.
We do things together she has to fit into my lifestyle and so she sees the everyday life things. I think that makes the life lessons better just from her observing.

What do you want most for your daughter? 

I want for my child to live her best life whatever that means for her, and to be happy while doing it.

Parenting advice.

I think my friends and fam know better than to give me advise :) No, jokes aside, my amazing midwife said to me ''Listen to yourself, you will know what to do''
That has made all the sense in the world.


  1. Aah i had the pleasure of meeting baby Samora and her Dad, through my boyfriend. She is such an amazing little girl, intelligent and an explorer. I loved this article, it was great to see the love behind this little beauty.

  2. This is gorgeous! Lovely blog.

  3. I'm an avid believer of the cosmic ordering system. -- this is why I love you, one of many reasons, my cosmic sister. Beautiful Samora, beautiful YOU & T. You live your love to the fullest! xo

  4. What an amzing lil family. Love you guys, and what an amazing lil ninjachild samora is:)
    May u always be this awesome:)

  5. Beautiful - Samora, your family and your insights. Lovely moments shared with you, always.

  6. "An avid beleiver in the cosmic ordering of things..." ( does that come with piri piri? ;-) so beautiful, poetry...yes, an amazing family... you will always know love. x

  7. Beautiful! :)

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