Tell us about the day your son was born. 

My son, Itemogeng (Ite), was born via a scheduled c-sec on the 24th January 2012. I was terrified at the thought of the c - section and also at the thought that in a couple of hours there would be a human being totally dependent on me for everything and anything.In hindsight the birth of Itemogeng though overwhelming was easy because i was prepared.
My second son Siphiwe, was also a scheduled c-section but he decided to come a bit earlier. I had my last doctors check up on the 4th of November 2013 a week before my scheduled c- section, and whilst there I causally told my doctor I was feeling a little bit of pain, when he checked he was shocked to see that I was in labour and my contractions were 5minutes apart!!! I just started crying, I hadn't packed my hospital bag, I had casually driven myself to my check up thinking I was going to go back home, I hadn't said goodbye to Ite who i wouldn't see for four days whilst i was in hospital. (the longest time I would be away from him since he was born). I was terrified that i would not be able to cope and love two small boys at the same time. I called my husband and spoke to my son and explained to him that I was going to fetch his brother. When I eventually held Siphiwe in my arms, everything was just a haze and I just felt a sense of calm, such overwhelming love and I knew that everything would be OK.

The feeling is indescribable when you first hold them in your arms, I couldn't stop staring at them, I was just in awe of what I had brought into the world. Truly miraculous, I thought.

Their personalities ...

Itemogeng is such a loving little boy, gives us hugs and kisses when you least expect it and when you truly need them. He’s very impatient and temperamental, but I think that goes for all babies at this age doesn’t it? They all have a sense of entitlement to everything. He loves to shop, sadly not for clothes but only where he will also have a little trolley to push around. So I spend a majority of my days with him at Spar pushing his little trolley. His day is not complete when he hasn’t pushed that trolley. 

Siphiwe is an angel,so sweet,he is such as  easy baby when compared to ite. I think nature just has a way of making sure that one can cope. He smiles all the time, Only cries when hes hungry and even sleeps through the night at 3months. 
Siphiwe loves his big brother and giggles every time he hears his voice and literally stares at him all the time and his little head just turns to wherever ite's voice is coming from, and boy does Ite love him, wants to kiss him every minute "i also wanting to kiss bwada" are words i hear about 30 times a day. I make sure that he kisses and holds him most of the time.I also make sure that they play together. He always wants to shove something in his brothers mouth, show him something in his book when he reads,'Look bwada sheep!!",or give his brother a toy and doesn't understand when his brother doesn't open his hand and take the toy!ha ha The key is just making sure that the older child does not feel excluded.

What is your work life balance? 
I am an attorney by profession but resigned from my job prior to my (1st) son, (Ite), being born and I have been at home with him since. So I can temporarily call myself a stay at home mom. I was very fortunate to have a husband who supported my decision and still continues to. It’s the most difficult but most rewarding job I have ever had. Prior to Siphiwe being born i did  not have a full time nanny and as difficult as it was it made my bond and relationship with Ite stronger and he has flourished under my guidance. Ite is a bit of a mommy’s boy but I wouldn’t trade the time I have had with him for anything. I sacrificed a lot by leaving the practice I  took a huge leap of faith by making a decision to stay with him for this long, but with that sacrifice I was rewarded with being able to witness every minute of ite's growth I DID NOT MISS A THING, his first tooth, first fall, first crawl, first step, first word ……and for that I will forever be grateful.

Sadly I will only be with Siphiwe for 6months and plan on going back to work in May. I do not know how i will cope as i am so used to being hands on with my children and am terrified at the thought of a nanny spending more time with my baby than i will, i feel so torn wish i could stay at home watch all his milestones too but my career cannot wait any longer. I will cope though like the millions of other working moms out there, it will take time but i will adjust.

Adjusting to motherhood has been … 

DIFFICULT is an understatement!!!I still continue to adjust; every day is a learning curve. I had a demanding career and ‘jam packed’ social life before ite was born. I was very selfish when it came to my time. I had to trade all my stilettos for comfy shoes to chase him in. Had to trade my love for good dining to eating out where they have an awesome play area. There is nothing like ‘sleeping in’ on a Sunday or Saturday …oh how I miss my Sundays. With every milestone in his life I will have to adjust, it’s that awe yet difficult yet awesome kind of adjustment though, the rewarding one where; you feel fulfilled at the end of each day.

And now with the birth of my second son I thought I would find it difficult to give both of them the attention they need seeing as their only 2yrs apart, but somehow everything has worked out. Its been a huge adjustment and i wont lie and say it was easy but because Siphiwe is not a difficult baby i have managed, i try and pick ite up as much as i can and strangely he understands when  i am feeding his brother that i cant pick him up and will just sit and watch, he is so understanding and i have truly just been blessed. 
U know what,one doesnt have choice but to adjust, whatever needs to change must change for yourself and your children and everything else will just fall into place.

Whats been the most surprising aspect of motherhood? 

My level of patience, ability to teach and the amount of conflicting emotions my heart can endure in one day. Every ‘audible’ word that comes out my sons mouth is through my teachings,(and daddy’s of course) it surprises me every day that I have fed my son so richly with knowledge and I didn’t even need a manual! lol……we just don’t realize how much these little beings soak up from us, we are their only and best teachers. It makes me proud but also frightens me that someone so small looks up to me for all his life’s lessons when I myself am still learning in this journey called life. 

My son also has the ability to have me fuming with rage one second, then beaming with pride the next, then rolling on the floor with laughter a second later then fearing for his life the next…my heart can survive anything after this.

How would you describe your home? 
Our home is Itemogengs’ headquarters. Everything that once belonged to dad like the remote and TV now belongs to Ite. We moved into a new place three weeks before Ite was born. The complex has a lot of young families and children Ites’s age and I immediately fell in love with it because of that. He has made friends with most of the children here. We have tried to create a home that is spacious giving him lots of room to run around in, but a house is never big enough when there is a child soon approaching two, they seem to just shrink your home. Toys everywhere and them running around at unfathomable speeds and always somehow finding something to bump into. Apart from the structural elements we try every day to have a home filled with love; I want my son to grow up in love and witness love and warmth daily. It’s tough but we try.

What is your parenting philosophy? 
Children need and deserve our time and love… a LOT of our time. I try and spend as much of my time with him as possible, he will have absolutely no time for me before I know it.

What do you want most for your sons? 
Tjo!!I want EVRYTHING good the world has to offer!!!I want them to be Happy, I want them to soar; I want them to be men who love and respect women and most importantly  men who fear God.

Parenting advice.
You’re not superwoman, its ok to ask for help when u need it, u cannot raise a child on your own.


  1. you have a beautiful family mommy.

  2. Beautiful family indeed Zi gal but where's Tshepo your baby girl? I'm sure she's grown now and beautiful like mommy

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