Tell us about the day your triplets were born

By 24 weeks I was soooo ready to give birth. By 33 weeks I was past the point of discomfort and neither sitting, lying or standing was comfortable.  We always knew that when they came, it would be unexpected but when my water broke at 4am on a Sunday morning i was relieved that all baby bags were packed and we were ready to go! We live up the road from the hospital and so we made our way there and by 7:30am all three were lying in the Neonatal ICU. They did really well too as we only spent 13 days there.  Then, the day came that the doctor discharged them, we were super excited but also really scared.  By the grace of God, we got into our rhythm and things just worked themselves out.  There were plenty sleepless nights but the human body is an amazing thing and when you think you cannot possibly go any more, you can! 

Their personalities...

Its now 3 years later and they have developed into beautiful little people that we are already so proud of.  The most amazing thing for me is how different they are.  Kyla is our little fashionista.  She loves dressing up and is very proud of her beautiful, long blond hair.  She has a very strong personality and does not give in easily.  Sean is convinced that she was sent to challenge him!  She absolutely loves fruit and salads so I’m more than happy to indulge that. There's Mika, our diplomat and peacemaker.  Even when the other two are doing something wrong or giving us a hard time, Mika is the one that will come and make peace and tell you that she’s sorry.  She is such an angel, a very keen helper at school and very bright.  She loves reading and snuggles up to me as we read Bible stories before bedtime.  Then our gentle giant, Byron.  Oldest of the three and also the tallest, he is such a sweet boy and will stand up for his sisters. He often indulges his sisters, giving them what they want so that they can calm down.  He is also the lucky one as he has his own room. Every night when I tuck him in I lie down next to him and we cuddle. This is when he opens up. He tells stories and is incredibly loving towards his mommy. A very special time for the both of us.

What is your work/life balance?

There was some adjustment required but it wasn't as extensive as I thought it would be.  I immediately made an arrangement with my work opting to start earlier so that I could leave the office by 4pm. This way I got to get home in time to spend some quality with the kids. I’ve made a conscious decision to not open my laptop while they are awake and therefore only work after they have been put to bed or get up very early in the mornings before they wake up to get some work in. I am also married to the most amazing man. He not only cooks all the food in the house but he also does the grocery shopping as well as the washing! 

There is, of course, the need to take some time off and spend quality time with friends and fellow Christian woman.  I can't help but sing my husbands praises once more as Sean has never had a problem with being left on his own with the kids. I still get time to go for lunches with the girls, go shopping with my sister and be involved in different church activities. This goes a long way in my keeping some level of sanity ;)

Adjusting to motherhood has been...

Surprisingly easy. It's amazing how various stories can put you into a complete “toestand” about what is coming your way. Looking back now, we were worried about not being able to tell the kids apart or knowing which bottle belongs to which child etc. It was definitely not as daunting as we imagined it would be.   

Whats been the most surprising aspect of motherhood?

I find myself judging 3 year olds and weighing up whether they will be good friends to my kids! 

How would you describe your home?

I believe that our home is a reflection of both Sean and my personalities – it is warm, “lived-in” and welcoming.  We both love to spend time with friends and family and really enjoy having them over and want them to be at home when they visit.  As we have both journeyed with God and grown in our faith, we recently had a home blessing and church planting during which we received the cross that is now a prominent feature on the wall as you walk into the house to be a constant reminder that this is a house of God and that He is with us always. 

What is your parenting philosophy?

I often have to remind myself that they might be triplets but they have completely unique personalities and respond to things in different ways. This has become even more transparent the older they've gotten. It's crucial that we not only treat them alike but at the same find what works for each of them.   

What do you want most for your children? 

To be dedicated Christians that strive to discover and fulfill the purpose that God has for them.  This is so that they can be happy, confident and self-sufficient individuals that will have a positive influence on the world and the people around them. 

Parenting advice

A dear old lady once told us that we should just smile and nod when receiving advice and then do whatever it is that works for us and our kids.  That is something that we have taken onboard and have been passing on to others; take every piece of advice you receive with a pinch of salt.  However, the two things that kids must have and that gives them a sense of security is routine and discipline. This has been a saving grace for us.

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