Yonda is but another testimony to how small this planet really is. I met her through my cousin a couple years ago, she is also a Client of mine and her daughters grandfather is one of my moms best friends. Because she was making appearances in so many parts of my life I took all these circumstances as a sign that she and I should, at the very least, give some level of friendship a try  :-)

Tell us about the day your daughter was born. 

Nqampi was 3 weeks late. I didn't experience any contractions and had to be induced. Just like that my dreams of a natural birth were dashed. Two hours later my daughter was born and the first thing the Dr commented on was how tall she was. Giving birth was truly surreal and magical. I don’t remember her crying though but she made her presence felt for sure. 

Nqampi is my nickname for Lilanga. 

Lilangas Personality

She is such a charmer and loves to embrace others. Luck for her the feeling is mutual. She's found a companion in music. You can tell melodies really fascinate and soothe her. I can see a lot of myself in her. She has a bit of temper which is indicative of her impatience just like her mother. I sometimes feel like we get each other completely, almost to the point where we have our own language.

Our favourite things to do are picnicking and we often take long drives together. She loves the steady rhythm of a car moving and often bursts into tears when we stop. 

Work life/balance? 

I had a carefully thought out plan prior to my return to work….but plans don’t always work out. Since then, all planning has been put aside while I adjust. I’m still adjusting. Motherhood is all about adjusting. I’m also at the defining stage of my career and work is pretty hectic. I work as an account manager in an advertising agency and my job sometimes requires more than its share of my attention which is why I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great support system. My Mom, Aunt and nanny have been the wind beneath my wings keeping me afloat so that I can focus on work the way I need and want to. Weekends are when I try to dedicate more of myself to my daughter. 

Adjusting to motherhood has been … 

Phew... difficult. There is always a lesson to be learnt out of all situations. I believe Lilanga came to teach me patience. As I try adjust to my new role there are the obvious habits that have fallen away but there are still more that need to be chipped away. I'm finding that motherhood is a pair of shoes you grow into. The obvious and most stunning aspect of this reality is that it is no longer just about me. 

Whats been the most surprising aspect of motherhood? 

I was surprised at how "soft" I’d become. I want to be everyone’s mom. The instinct to protect every child out there is so strong. Its overwhelming really.

How would you describe your home? 

After the birth of my daughter I moved back home because I needed the support. My mothers home is inviting, inspiring, comfortable and safe. I truly am blessed to live in a highly secure area. The full time occupation of all parents is to worry, worry, worry. Living on an estate has brought me a priceless piece of mind. The plan is for us to eventually make a home of our own but while trying to balance my career and my newest of responsibilities I was fortunate enough to be able to lean on my own family. I am convinced now, more than ever, that it truly does take a village to raise a child. 

What do you want most for Lilanga? 

Oh so much! I want her to love and to be loved so hard. I want her to be happy and make well informed and guided decisions. I want her to nurture her talent (whatever that may be) and possibly be the 10th wonder of the world. I want her to have faith. I want her to live, live and live some more.

What is your parenting philosophy?

To nurture her talent and help her discover the best person she can be. To be aware and pay attention to her. To have the wisdom & strength to let her make certain mistakes so that she can learn from them but to also protect her from herself.

Parenting advice.

If you have a nanny, treat her like family as she is handling your heart, your person.
Love your child and tell them so as often as you can.

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  1. Wow, I use to work with Yonda and we once spoke about the balance of work life/balance.
    Good to hear that she is doing her bit to get the balance, true when she says "advertising agency and my job sometimes requires more than its share of my attention". I hope she has stop working until too late at night, because the Ad industry does reward you for the long hours. Also remember how she use to loving speak of her mother and family "which is why I feel incredibly lucky to have such a great support system", there is nothing that can replace a supportive family (including loving nannies).

    Well, it's good seeing that she is still her stylish self and bubbling with joy as ever. Her baby is beautiful.

    As to the photographs, they are lovely. Am loving the colours, composition and how natural they are.
    It seems like Stephanie was not in the room. The last one, is worthy o being framed and hopefully little girl
    will like it.

    Beautiful shots.

    1. Awesome and thorough feedback. I hope you'll continue checking out the blog for more posts on mothers not only like Yonda but ones with varying journeys and insights.

  2. Shall keep checking the blog. Spotted another mother, I know. This a good way of capturing the varying journeys of motherhood.




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