Shruthi has these big and gentle brown eyes and because of her zest they always seem to be gently drawing you into her chatter despite you not knowing her that well. She has a welcoming aura and while you're engaged with her you feel solidly planted in her circle of trust. At least that has been my impression of her the handful of times we've met and hung out together. A truly piquant personality. I last saw her at the May edition of The WKND Social. She half jokingly spoke about how she plans to house school her son because she just couldn't bare the thought of being apart from him for so long. I recalled a similar sentiment and in that very conversation I asked her if she'd be interested in featuring on Joho Moms. Lucky for me, she obliged.

Tell us about the day your son was born

The only thing I remember distinctly ( besides the pain- if labor pains could be synthesized into a pill, wars would end and age old battles won)  were the sensations and sentiments pre push. Nervous heart palpitations the whole day that felt like little silver fish were flapping in my chest. Mix that with the "Sweets from heaven" induced hyperactivity due to my sugar overdose. Once he was out,  the realization dawned on me that my best friend had just landed on Planet Earth and there was nothing stopping me from ever being sad again. He was perfect. Eyes open, not a peep and on the boob the minute I squeezed him out. MOST IMPORTANTLY-the day came with the realization that I should have gone with drugs for the "push push". Seriously, if I ever have another child I will epidural the f*#* out of the push!

Tell us about your passion

I am the community developer, off plan sales specialist and retail curator for Propertuity developers of the Maboneng precinct, phew! A mouthful. I feel deeply connected and responsible to this city in its new phase of development and even more specifically to Maboneng as I have been here almost from the very beginnings. I love my job, partially because I own two properties here and its in my best interest as an owner AND employee of Propertuity, to round up people who will not only contribute to the sustainability of Maboneng in Johannesburg but also people who deserve an inspiring platform and community- whether residential, retail or office- to launch and base either themselves or their businesses from. I also think that Johannesburg CITY is truly representative of an African city and has world class potential in its diversity. You have a melting pot of affluence and poverty, development and decay, commercial and subversive the list goes on and these very disparities end up challenging Jhb Citys inhabitants to push 'their' envelopes more and provide such a unique and inspiring city to live in.

My son is the official custodian of my heart, he is an absurdly happy baby who cries for very little and laughs at almost everything. He likes to roar like a lion and will roar on call. Try it out the next time you see him. In the mornings his father always plays a record for our morning mood music and my son pulls himself up against the speakers and likes to dry hump the speaker. We encourage this sort of behavior by joining him. His father used to make baby play lists while I was pregnant and I used to walk around with head phones strapped to my belly playing these various play lists in some sort of attempt to indoctrinate my child with good rhythm. I think my child has world class dancer potential, his rhythm is remarkable, that or he will just know how to grind well.... I'm happy either way.

Work/life balance?
The best work/life balance advice I was ever given was, " dont schedule your life around your child, schedule your childs life around yours" my son was in meetings with me and my clients within his first week of being born. He was in the office and back to work with me from month one. This was also all made easy by the fact that my apartment and office are neighboring buildings. This allowed me to breast feed up until 2 months ago, something I like to think has contributed towards his healthy mental and physical constitution.

Adjusting to motherhood has been ...
T-to the-O-to the-U-to the-G-to the-H unconditional love spells TOUGH. No I mean obviously, duh, its going to be tough, your delusional if you think its otherwise and even more so if you think you are prepared for it, no one is. Even the most ready will concede after the fact. BUT its the good tough, the tough that makes you learn about yourself, your new family, the way you navigate your new life, the way you see society, your priorities, your future goals and most importantly the TOUGH that makes you grow into a better person for the new life you have created. 

The most surprising aspect to motherhood?

I am TONS cooler than I was in my former heyday and thats because I've got an undeniably cute appendage and side kick no one can say no to!  Most importantly I am a lot less phased by peoples opinion of me now as I know I am good mother and thats my number one role and priority to get right. Everything else just happens to fit in, life I guess. I have exceeded my expectations with regards to my levels of patience, initially I worried that I wouldn't have enough patience to endure motherhood but I do and will continue to do so,  in my most humble opinion.

How would you describe your home?
A warm, uniquely adorned curiosity  of organized chaos. I wanted it to emulate my favorite type of space of all time:  A treasure trove/ antique store charm.

Parenting Philosophy?
I am happy, baby is happy. Baby is happy, I am happy.

What do you want most for your son?

Health and Happiness.

Parenting advice.
"You can't resign, you can't be fired, you can't take a sabbatical, you can't return to sender and even with all of this preparation means fuck all, so ride it with its ups and downs and know its all going to be alright"  

Check out the blog again for a peek into the life of yet another JOHO MOM. 
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