I met Kalliebree at a dinner party. The room was filled with incessant chatter as old friends reconnected and new friendships were made. At a long and boisterous table of like minded individuals, Kalliebree and I sat next to each other. By the end of the evening we had exchanged contact numbers, started following each other on instagram and I had asked her to feature on Joho Moms. 

Tell us about the day your daughter was born.

The day Selah was born was the day a blessing was born into my life. Even in the womb she was a delightful little creature & still now everyday she delights me with her personality. Selah is very friendly & outgoing- she is already a social butterfly. She has an incredible knack for remembering everyone's name. She just endears herself to everyone she meets and she loves to play. For her young age she seems to have a good sense of who she is & her likes & dislikes - she is very sure of herself. At times she can be very stubborn & strong willed & she can literally just ignore you when she wants- but somehow she is always just a sweetie pie. I can never be mad for too long. She is also very funny & loves nothing more than to entertain a group of people & be the center of attention. 

My special time with Selah is when it's just her & I. We go to the park, play & meet new people & dogs. She loves dogs & cats. On weekends we  also shower together & make pancakes for breakfast!

When I get home from work she’ll usually follow me to my room & climb onto the bed & jump & ask me to push her into the pillows - I love seeing the absolute glee on her face & her uncontrollable giggles are very special to me.

Work/life balance advice.

What's that? It sounds nice and I wish I had it. This is definitely something I need to master. It's difficult to find time for all the different aspects of life & "just me time" is special & rare. Its always great when I can get it. 

Work goes up & down, where I'll get home late & then it evens out. On the late nights I try & get home in time to read her a story & put her to sleep, the best way to unwind - story time with your little one. We’ll often explore books together before its off to bed. I try & make the best of the little time we have together during the week. 

On the weekends I enjoy just hanging out with Selah & being a stay at home mom. I try & keep plans to a minimum so I can relax & just see where the day takes us. 

Adjusting to motherhood has been …

Surprisingly natural but not without it's challenges, first it was breast feeding, now it's teaching manners, sleep & potty training. I guess it wouldn't be motherhood if we weren't faced with challenges. Before you have a child you think about how difficult it would be & how you wont have freedom, but somehow God just makes space for everything & all the lesser things fall away. And you can't imagine your life without them.

Something I've noticed & appreciate is how motherhood has re-introduced me to love. That deep connection between 2 people - I am her mother & I'm the only one who can ever be and that closeness really makes my heart glow with joy when I think about such things. I guess I never thought I could love someone so much. 

How would you describe your home? 

It's Selah's! Lots of open space for her to play in & during the week while we are away at work its her kingdom. Our neighborhood is so nice for her as well, lots kids & parks that we can walk to. I feel very blessed that Selah has such a lovely little world for herself. 
From a decor perspective, my home is unfinished but I suppose what home is ever finished. I've got some nice pieces but I'd like to have a more cohesive space. I'd like to concentrate on putting the finishing touches on it but right now I'm still in baby proofing mode.

Your Parenting Philosophy? 

I don't really have one. I just try and let her guide & show me the person she is. My role is to foster & develop her into the best person she can be. Along the way I'm sure there will be discipline & lessons learned but not just for her but for the both of us. 

What do you want most for Selah?  

I want Selah to be a happy, fulfilled & passionate human being that loves God, loves others & lives her life based on that principle. 

Parenting advice.

I don't have 1 piece of advice - because I think that I've gotten some gems here & there from everyone. I suppose the one thing I remember growing up was my dad telling me from a young age that I never have to lie to them and that I could always go to them. So, I think it's trust...we want to love & rear our children to trust us but even the trust of a parent must be earned. So when the big trials  of life come they should know they can come to us as their parents.

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  1. Another mother I know, her husband is a friend of mine. I've been meaning to visit and meet that little girl. I love the colours, shape and textures in the photography. The interior to the house is full of light and portraits are lovely. We will see if little Selah decides to spot one of the in future.

    I love what Kalliebree wants most for Selah: "to be a happy, fulfilled & passionate human being that loves God, loves others & lives her life based on that principle."

  2. i love her artworks and the easyness of her words




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